Thursday, May 3, 2007

Picture from inside the food portal!

Ok, folks a brave field researcher was able to snap off a photo INSIDE THE FOOD PORTAL I mentioned last post! She must have been using a Sony camera with special film, because Fuji's and Kodak's always come out blurry or over-exposed in portals.

I believe this is a historic moment! If somone else out there has taken an intra-portal photo before this one, please step forward and take your place among the great pioneers of the field!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Food Portal

Today I met a disheveled old man who went only by the name "McMurray". He rambled about lots of things, used old timey slang and sang the theme of land of the lost.

None of it mattered except the for the bits and pieces I could make out about a burger joint in a portal he had encountered once during a bender.

For a taste of my whiskey and my last cigarette, I was able to convice him to scribble a map of the food portal. I havent investigated it yet, but it sounds like it could be a true food portal...a great find indeed! If anyone manages to check this out before I do, please let us know your findings.