Thursday, April 29, 2010

accidental portal

Bryan and I went to cranberry lake preserve at lunch to check it out and pick up some ticks.

I had printed out a map before we left. Examining it, I noticed a "root cellar" but thought nothing of it. It certainly didn't seem as interesting as the "old stonecutting shed" or "impassable cliffs".

BUT... the map in the park (near the nature center) marked it as a "stone chamber"!

We practically ran there. Crossing bent bridge, we entered a walled section that contained the chamber.
The air almost electric and there were no animal sounds. On our left a chamber mound loomed before us and coming round it turned out to be much larger than the previous chamber I had explored.

Bryan turned on his EMF detector, and after getting some quick base readings, we headed inside.

more to follow...

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